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Welcome to Books Right Here Right Now

Welcome to the Books Right Here Right Now blog. Our aim is to provide incisive analysis on a range of issues regarding core text provision, concentrating on the following:

  • changing trends in e-book provision to students in Higher Education (HE)
  • uncovering what students read for their studies and how they access and read it
  • what students want from the library and their institutions in terms of recommended reading
  • future trends in supply and acquisition of e-books, especially in relation to core texts
  • the impact of technology and how this will change models of purchase and supply

We actively welcome contributions to the blog and we are keen to widen the debate – please feel free to post comments to our posts if you want to join in as we would love to hear from you!

We also welcome blog post contributions and suggestions for further posts and topics. You can email your ideas to us at this email address: