Monthly Archives: March 2017

Press pause (but not stop)


Since this blog was launched back in 2014 we have published 62 posts which have been viewed almost 15,000 times.  The intention was to showcase thought-pieces and opinion from across the sector, from both the UK and overseas.  We have been fortunate to receive incisive comments from colleagues in publishing and technical intermediary sectors, from other HE libraries, from book retailers and from academics.   All have generated comment and interest we hope contributed to developing the discussion around the key issues of investigating student reading behaviour and implementing innovative models for providing text books.

We now intend to take a short sabbatical while we concentrate on completing some final aspects of the project and building a sustainable future.

In the meantime here is a short summary of what we have achieved at the University of Manchester thus far:

  • Provision of Individual textbooks over last 3 years to over 25,000 students
  • Development of new models of textbook acquisition and supply
  • Analysis of our reading list system requirements and future needs through a comprehensive consultation of our academic staff – 315 academics were surveyed with a further 33 face-to face interviews
  • Development of a reading list strategy for the University of Manchester
  • Undertaken 11 conference/event contributions and presentations in 2015/16 at a range of events
  • Composed 4 articles/thought pieces published across a range of publications
  • Provided advice to a range of HE libraries and national bodies

Plans for further conference presentations and articles, looking at the extensive range of evidence we have gathered from our students are now in the pipeline.

We also intend to host all our presentations to date on this site and will be continuing to answer any queries and questions, but until then.

Dominic Broadhurst, University of Manchester Library