We’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers below.


Q: What is Books Right Here Right Now?

A: It is a major new strategy project at the University of Manchester Library. For more details see our About section.

Q: What do you hope the outcome of this project will be?

A: Ultimately to improve the student experience and have a positive influence on the pedagogical process at the University of Manchester.

Q: Are you looking for partners in this project?

A: Yes, we are very keen to work with publishers on a number of e-book pilot projects we wish to undertake and also with other educational institutions and libraries to share our experiences and work together.

Q: What is the purpose of this blog?

A: To act as a focal point and centre of debate around the many issues related to e-book provision for students, wider student reading, provision of core texts, publisher business models for e-books and future trends in this rapidly changing environment.  We will also post regular updates on the progress of our project at The University of Manchester Library.

Q: Are you looking for contributors to this blog?

A: Yes, we are actively seeking contributions from publishers, librarians and all those involved or with an interest in teaching and learning.  Please contact us to discuss this further or ask any other questions.


Question designed by Rémy Médard from the Noun Project

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